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How to properly shut down functioning cluster to avoid data loss and volume inconsistencies

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Last updated: 20 Dec, 2016
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Posted: 20 Dec, 2016
Updated: 20 Dec, 2016
by: Maxwell T.

Case scenario:

Customer needs to shutdown the cluster and would like to know how to do it properly, without any data loss or volume inconsistencies.

Customer's question:

"Should I first stop the cluster and then stop the replication task?
Once this is done, Can I just shutdown both servers?"


In order to stop cluster gracefully, please STOP the cluster in:

[ DSS WebGUI > Setup > Failover ]

tab and just shutdown both nodes.

Also, there is a tool available called "dss-tools.exe", which can remotely stop the cluster in a graceful manner and start it again automatically.

This tool can be downloaded from github:

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