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How-to activate my DSS V6 or V7 product?

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Last updated: 05 Feb, 2013
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Posted: 19 Aug, 2009
Updated: 05 Feb, 2013
by: Dydak M.


I upgrade my module from V5/V6 to V6/V7, but it requires activation. How can I perform it?


In order to use the DSS V6/V7 product for more than 30 days you will need to activate. There are two methods to perform this:

  1. Online
NOTE: In this “Online” method requires to provide Internet access for the Open-E DSS V6/V7.

In order to activate the product online access the GUI located in "HELP > About Data Storage Software V6
/V7", check the "Online activation" and click "apply". Application will automatically connect to our server and perform the activation process.
  1. Offline

    NOTE: In this case Internet access for the Open-E DSS V6
    /V7 is not required.

    In order to activate the DSS V6
    /V7 offline access the GUI located in "HELP > About Data Storage Software V6/V7", check the "Offline activation" and click "download". Hardware stamp file will be downloaded on you computer. Next step is to send this file to as an attachement (replay with activation file should come with in 7 days) or you can upload this on the Open-E webpage for your user portal  in details of product (Activation section).
    Note: You must be already registered for the product in your portal from the webpage. You can perform this from the "Register your product" section by entering the Serial Number and Product Key for your DSS V6
    /V7 product.

             Activation rules

     Open-E DSS V6/V7 product license is assigned to your hardware. It is done during the activation process. When you would like to activate your product, the Hardware Stamp file is produced on the basis of your hardware. When you perform this online everything is done automatically, but when you select offline you have to send the Hardware Stamp file to Open-E and we will send you back the activation file. After applying the activation file the DSS V6/V7 product is activated. In case you need to replace your hardware (i.e. a part has been faulty) you will need to activate DSS V6/V7 product again but it is limited to the time in relation to the activation. The minimum time is 7 days after the previous activation and only one part of your hardware could be replaced. If you would like to replace additional parts you are not able to activate your product and the only way is to contact support. Please provide as much information when requesting this activation.

Important note!The Hardware Stamp file is not assigned to the PCI extension cards and RAM memory. It is possible to replace them without the need for re-activation.

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