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How can access my iSCSI target snapshot?

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Last updated: 09 Feb, 2009
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Posted: 04 Feb, 2009
Updated: 09 Feb, 2009

After snapshot for iSCSI target has been created and activated, you can access itt by following:
• Go to menu CONFIGURATION -> iSCSI target manager -> Targets ->[target_name]
• Use function Target volume manger, click on button "add" on the right side of snapshot you want to have access to. New LUN will be added to the target.
• Now you can connect with your iSCSI initiator and use your snapshot target.
          • Example (Microsoft Windows environment). Please download Microsoft iSCSI Initiator and follow instructions.
          • Start the software and add targets,
          • Menu Target Portals and enter IP Address of Open-E Data Storage System and Socket (default 3260),
          • In menu Available targets please “Log On” into already added target,
          • Now your snapshot target will show up in your system and you can use it.

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