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How can I put our OEM image on a USB DOM?

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Last updated: 08 Aug, 2012
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Posted: 12 Aug, 2008
Updated: 08 Aug, 2012
by: Dydak M.

Log on to our OEM Kit web page using your username and password.  Use the first link below. 

Enter your information in the fields provided.

After your fields are updated, save the layout:  FILES -> Save layout settings
Go to function:  Layout File Manager and download the OEM file to your workstation.

Obtain the OEM Kit installation files from our FTP Server.  Please find the second link below.
Copy the kit files to a USB pen (or flash) drive.
Run the install.vbs program from the pen drive; wait for 'Installation Completed'.
Copy the OEM file previously created to the pen drive.
Boot the Open-E system to the pen drive and follow the onscreen instructions to post your OEM details on the DOM.  Do not insert the USB DOM until you are prompted to do so.

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