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How can I connect to Hyper-V and Citrix XEN server?

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Last updated: 29 Apr, 2010
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Posted: 28 Apr, 2010
Updated: 29 Apr, 2010

I have Citrix Xenserver and would like to use Hyper-V with my Open-E DSS V6. But The XENserver is using IET, while the Hyper-V is using SCST for the ISCSI daemon.
How can I use both machines? Can I use SCST and IET at the same time?


IET and SCST can not be used at the same time. But our research department ran some tests on the XENserver with using SCST for the iSCSI daemon and they all pass. The test was done on Open-E DSS V6 build 4362 and build 4221. So Xenserver and Hyper-V can be running with the SCST iSCSI daemon.

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| 17 Dec, 2010 10:44 AM
Citrix XENserver (at least up to Vers. 5.5) will not be able to reconnect correctly to a SCST driven iSCSI device. We experienced this Problem while rebuilding a lost primary OpenE Server. The XenServer will after all not be able to start the VMs and you have to remove the iSCSI Target from XENserver. For us it seems best practice is to build XENserver storage on top of IET and leave it that way. Maybe this is a lag of compatibility caused by the stoneage Kernel and necesssary backporting used or needed by XEN/XENserver.
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