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Expanding hardware RAID

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Last updated: 25 Feb, 2009
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Posted: 25 Feb, 2009
Updated: 25 Feb, 2009

The following steps are required to expand your RAID array
         Physically add the new disk drive(s) to the server
2.       Configure your RAID array on the RAID controller of your server or Open-E GUI (Setup->H/W RAID) If the controller is supported
Please Note: Depending upon your raid controller the terms may be listed differently. Please refer to your user manual o how to expand the RAID.
3.       Choose “Expand RAID Set” from the controller by choosing and adding the drive to the RAID set.
This will take some time as the RAID will migrate data to the new drive(s). When migration is completed please reboot the server.
4.       After that, users have to “Modify the volume” In the RAID controller. And reboot.
5.       In Open-E console, go to Extended Tools (C-A-X)
   Select ‘PV Resize’
   When the RAID array comes up press ‘OK’.
   Next window should read ‘Finishing’, press Enter to reboot
   REBOOT the system
6.       Now you will see the new size of the VG that is usable.
Note: It require to perform a reboot almost after each step.

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