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Expanding HW RAID units connected in a SW RAID unit on Open-E system does not work

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Last updated: 18 Sep, 2008
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Posted: 07 Jul, 2008
Updated: 18 Sep, 2008


A User has united their hardware RAID units in Open-E SW RAID.  After adding additional disks to both of them and using the PV resize in the console the SW RAID, the unit is still the same size - new space cannot be used.


The SW RAID does not support disk expansion and PV resize does not help because it works on a different layer.


If the disks are already configured, then no changes can be made - you cannot remove a disk from an existing RAID.

The new disks should not be added to an existing RAID.  Rather, you should create a new RAID unit and a new SW RAID unit.  After configuring it, you can expand the existing volume group or create a new one.

Open-E software impacted:

All XSR and DSS family.

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