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Does Open-E support Jumbo Frames?

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Last updated: 05 Feb, 2009
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Posted: 08 Jul, 2008
Updated: 05 Feb, 2009

Open-E supports the use of Jumbo Frames.

Use Jumbo Frames to improve performance by sending fewer frames across the network, saving CPU time and consuming less bandwidth.  The standard recommendation for the size is 9000. 

The stipulation to using Jumbo Frames is that your network hardware, which includes Ethernet cards, switches, and routers, all need to support Jumbo Frames.  Check the specs on your Ethernet card to make sure Jumbo Frames are supported.  An example of one that does support them would be the Intel Pro/1000 CT.  So then you need to check the manuals on your switches and routers to make sure they also support Jumbo Frames, or check their websites with your model.  You’ll need to know what you need to do to set your switches and routers to use Jumbo Frames.  Once your hardware has been verified, then it’s just a matter of setting Jumbo Frames in the Console Tools of your Open-E server.

Go to the Hardware Tools
Ctl - Alt - W

Select Tuning Options
Select Jumbo Frames Config

Select the interface you want to set and set the number to 9000.

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