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BackupExec is not able to run differential backup (This is related to the Symantec RALUS program)

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Last updated: 18 Apr, 2011
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Posted: 18 Apr, 2011
Updated: 18 Apr, 2011


BackupExec is not able to run differential backup


Performing with the differential backup is setup using archive bit doesn't work. The DSS is doing full backup instead of copying only the files that have been modified since last full backup.


Archive bit is used in Windows systems, not in UNIX systems. DSS is Linux-based system this is why you should run "differential" and "full" backup using "modified time" and not "archive bit".

Additional information:

Using BackupExec to run differential backup is connected with some  restrictions (thisi related to the Symantec RALUS program). When you run "full backup using modified time" and "differential backup using modified time" then the  DSS will backup only files with modify time newer than time remembered  by the last full backup. More details about that can be found from the link below:

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