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ACL for users secondary group not working while using NFS share in JovianDSS

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Last updated: 10 Aug, 2016
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Posted: 07 Jul, 2016
Updated: 10 Aug, 2016
by: Kula T.

Problem: If user is in multiple groups, acl/permissions set for the secondary group will not work.

NOTE: This is solution is for JovianDSS system.

For example. When users primary group is: "asd" and secondary: "zxc".
This user (user1) will not have access to the file/folder which acl is set to the "zxc" group only in which some other user (user2 in the example below) is.

user1: groups=asd, zxc
user2: groups=zxc

getfacl test_file

# file: test_file
# owner: user2
# group: zxc

Solution: Install small update from the link below and reboot.

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