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document How to delay system start on Windows machines?
In some UPS scenarios, you may need to delay the bootup procedure of your Windows machines to make sure Open-E servers start first - in such cases, please refer to the attached how-to.
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document UPS Setup and Configuration for APC 750XL
 Hardware and GUI setup for the APC 750XL UPS Hardware setup 1.    60;   Connect your UPS to the power source. The UPS comes with two cables: one USB, and one serial cable. You can use either of these to connect the UPS to your server; both are...
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document DSS doesn't communicate with UPS
Because of the fact that DSS doesn't support all available UPS you can connect them to your server by SNMP. Here you can find information how to use SNMP, Script Controlled Shutdown and how to configure DSS to work with NUT: port/library/webcasts-and-vide os/...
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document How to Configure Socomec (NET VISION) UPS via Ethernet SMART CARD (
1.     0; 1. Find out the UPS IP address from the DHCP server. (in this how-to : 2.       2. Go to the UPS WEB GUI http:// address: default user name: admin  password: public 3.   &# 160;  3. In...
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