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document What do I need in terms of hardware to use bonding?
You will, of course, need more than one NIC. Please note the cards used in bonding need to have the same chipsets - if possible, please use exactly the same model. If you wish to use the 802.3ad bonding mode, you will also need a 802.3ad compliant switch.
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document How can I see improvement in performance with bonding?
The increase in performance using bonding will not be apparent in your system until you increase the I/O load on your network.  If you are only transferring a relatively small number of files that are small in size, say, a few hundred MB, you're not going to notice any difference.  To see...
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document Vmware errors
Symptom: I have an ISCSI fail-over setup running on Open-E. The virtual interface is on a bonding interface . On the storage are VM which are running in Vmware ESX. When starting three vm's on the hardware nodes storage becomes unstable and we are getting the errors below in...
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document Problem with bonding when running DSS V6 on Oracle/Sun VirtualBox
When creating a bonding like balance-rr it's important to know that it will change the MAC address of the NICs included in the bond configuration.For more information about bonding please refer to: ocumentation/networking/bondin g.txtIt's importatnt to know that it is not...
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