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document Upgrading from DSSv6 Lite to DSSv6 Full
You can upgrade your DSSv6 Lite build to be a Full DSSv6 by typing the PK (Product Key) for DSSv6 Full version, into the Lite DSSv6, and the system should work as DSSv6 Full version after reboot . To upgrade your license key from DSSv6 Lite to a Full DSSv6, please visit the following link : ...
rating 19 Mar, 2012 Views: 4228
document S.M.A.R.T. Message ioctl32(smartctl:19152)
Symptom: I am receiving these messages ioctl32(smartctl:19152): Unknown cmd fd(3) cmd(0000030d){t:03 Solution: S.M.A.R.T. may be enabled in the console or on your RAID controller Check the console CTRL-ALT-W -> Functionality option to see if...
Not rated 24 Feb, 2009 Views: 2866
document What Error #50 mean?
Problem: I'm trying to update my system using on-line update but I'm getting Error #50, what is this error?? Solution: If getting Error #50 in online update function they you need first to update your system to DSS up60 build 3511-3518 (Atlanta).   Error #50 is returned by our...
Not rated 24 Jul, 2009 Views: 347
document What is "Unknown Error 42"?
Problem I’m getting “Unknown Error 42” when trying to start Volume replication task. It starts after I ran the update on one of the systems. It was build 3511. Solution: From the release notes for the build 3511, please make sure that both systems are running this version. If they...
Not rated 29 Jul, 2009 Views: 2929
document Upgrading from NAS-R3, iSCSI-R3 or DSS to DSS V5
In order to upgrade from NAS-R3, iSCSI-R3 or DSS to DSS V5, you will need a new product key. Unfortunately it's not possible to apply the new product key via the webpage. That's why a prod.key file need to be prepared. When you receive your new Product Key, it usually looks like...
Not rated 31 Jan, 2013 Views: 3452
document How to install/remove Small Update?
If you want to install new Small Update go to: Maintenance-> Software update -> Function: System software update Browse for your Small Update and click upload. After upload has finished - accept the Update and then reboot your machine. If you want to remove previously installed Small...
Not rated 04 Jun, 2013 Views: 2226
document How to generate LSI RAID Controller logs:
Download the small update from our FTP and install it in the DSS GUI in Maintenance > Software update then reboot the server. After that you can go to the Console, press CTRL+ALT+W and select "generate lsi logs". Logs are available for download in webGUI: Status-> Hardware Settings->...
rating 21 Dec, 2016 Views: 4664
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