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document PV resize does not work in XSR software
Symptom: The problem appears after RAID resize; after disk rescan the device has the right size but the new space cannot be used because the free space in volume manager is 0 MB.  The "PV resize" function from Extended console tools does not help. Problem: The "PV resize" will...
rating 18 Sep, 2008 Views: 2450
document File system repair
File system errors can be caused by power outages and disconnects that prevent the file system from completely writing the data to the RAID array. It can also be caused by problems with hardware, system crashes and drivers. This will result in file system being left in an inconsistent state....
rating 04 Jun, 2013 Views: 13248
document Language options
The Open-E GUI can support different languages, they are as follows English, Deutsch, Russian and Japanese. The languages can be changes from either the console with CTRL-ALT-T and then language settings or from the GUI at SETUP -> GUI and then selecting the lauguage.
rating 24 Feb, 2009 Views: 2558
document How to connect to the DSS console using MAC OS X.
In OS X you will have to configure to use the ALT-Key to work as the Meta-Key and this will enable the menus in Console. In Menu Terminal -> Preferences Text Tab: - clone a template and name Open-E - text : bright yellow - bold text: orange Window Tab: - Titel:...
Not rated 28 Jan, 2011 Views: 2685
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