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How-To's and Questions related to MPIO for use with iSCSI data transfer

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document How to recreate volume replication meta-data
Problem:  I had modified my tasks and now would like to recreate the volume replication meta-data task. How this can be accomplished? Solution: In order to recreate the Volume Replication meta-data, access the GUI in the CONFIGURATION -> Volume Manager -> Vol. Replication...
rating 06 Jul, 2010 Views: 3812
document After update to DSS V6 build 4786 or to build 5087 with a Xen Citrix or Vmware ESXi Servers the iSCSI Targets are not recognized by IET standard
Problem:  After update to DSS V6 build 4786 to build 5087with a Xen Citrix Server or VMware ESXi Servers the iSCSI Targets are not recognized by IET standard. Solution:  1. Power off the guest and/or Virtual Machines (Virtual Machine located on Open-E DSS IET iSCSI Target)...
Not rated 14 Jan, 2011 Views: 2212
document How can we improve high latency links using MaxOutstandingR2T iSCSI parameter?
If you are experiencing high latency or decreased transfer rates between iSCSI initiators and targets, try to tune with the MaxOutstandingR2T iSCSI parameter. A detailed explanations about how this parameter works can be found under the following link: http://scst.sourcefor...
Not rated 18 Apr, 2011 Views: 5297
document Open-E storage cannot pass Windows cluster Validation test
Symptom: Open-E storage cannot pass Windows cluster Validation test Problem: Errors when validating that storage supports the SCSI-3 Persistent Reservation commands The following errors appear on initiator site (Windows 2008 R2): Validating Cluster Disk 0 for Persistent...
Not rated 06 Apr, 2011 Views: 2720
document Can I connect to Open-E iSCSI targets behind NAT?
To explain why iSCSI targets behind NAT can not be accessed by a initiator we have to explain how iSCSI connection works. It is a two-step connection. One step is discovering portal and second is actual log in. Even though iSCSI targets IPs can be translated via NAT and discovered, they send...
rating 25 Jul, 2011 Views: 3754
document iSCSI connection problems in ESXi 5.0
Disable Interrupt Remapping in ESXi 5.0 If you're running ESXi 5.0 and DSS V6 build 5845 (version: 6.0up90.8101.5845) and you are experiencing issues with iSCSI connections and drop outs for short periods of time and the following alert appears in the vmkernel/messages log files: ALERT:...
rating 15 Mar, 2013 Views: 4972
document Setup a Ubuntu Server with iSCSI and MPIO to connect to an iSCSI Tartget in DSS V7
1) Install Ubuntu Server 12.04 with 3 NICs 2) Run all in terminal: sudo -i Then run the following to refresh the repositories database. apt-get update 3) Then install the open-iscsi, multipath-tools and Midnight Commander (or any other editing tool): apt-get install open-iscsi...
rating 28 Mar, 2013 Views: 16297
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