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document Free space/connection problem on storages over 4TB and MAC OSX connected over SMB protocol
Symptom: The MAC OSX sees completely wrong free space or zero free space when connected to DSS (32bit kernel) with a big LV using the SMB protocol. The MAC OSX reports a connection error when connecting to DSS (64bit kernel) with a big LV using the SMB protocol. ...
Not rated 18 Sep, 2008 Views: 2489
document Too Many Files
Symptom: Trying to copy roughly 400GB of data (many small files) from a windows file server to the DSS (NAS share) and he keeps getting the following errors: [2008/08/20 12:49:41, 0] registry/reg_db.c:regdb_open(2 88) regdb_open: Failed to open /usr/local/samba/var/locks/reg istry.tdb! (Too...
Not rated 09 Feb, 2009 Views: 4039
document Why can't access NAS share (SMB) using Vista?
Problem: I can access my NAS share using Windows XP but I cannot access a samba share from Vista. It asks for user name & password but then still it won't allow access. I have another samba server on the network which I am able to access and it doesn't ask for user/password. Any I am using...
rating 27 May, 2009 Views: 6192
document Can't access/remove some directories when using SMB protocol in MAC OSX
Symptom: When using SMB protocol the DSS deny access to MAC OS/OSX system files: .DS_Store, .AppleDouble, Temporary Items Network, Trash Folder, TheFindByContentFolder, TheVolumeSettingsFolder, .AppleDesktop, .AppleDB, Icon?, ...
rating 09 Oct, 2009 Views: 3962
document What is: "SMB settings: Handling large directories"?
This option tells smbd never to scan for case-insensitive versions of names. So if an application asks for a file called FOO, and it cannot be found by a simple stat call, then smbd will return file not found immediately without scanning the containing directory for a version of a different case....
Not rated 15 Oct, 2009 Views: 3534
document System reports 'disk full' when there is in fact free space.
By default, with 32bit inodes, XFS places inodes only in the first 1TB of a disk. If you have a disk with 100TB, all inodes will be stuck in the first TB. This can lead to strange things like "disk full" when you still have plenty space free, but there's no more place in the first TB to create a...
Not rated 14 May, 2013 Views: 1879
document Recycle bin for SMB shares.
DSS V6 and DSS V7 does not have built in support for a recycle bin similar to the way other operating systems do. We do have small updates that can be offered to Premum support customers to add this functionality. Please inquire to our support team to request this for your system. ...
Not rated 21 Aug, 2015 Views: 1311
document DSS and JovianDSS "Samba WannaCry" vulnerability [CVE-2017-7494]
Open-E has fixed vulnerability CVE-2017-7494 in the following versions: - DSSv7 up60 (released 9th June 2017) - JovianDSS up20 (to be released June/July 2017)
Not rated 18 Jan, 2018 Views: 1151
document Slow SMB performance with MacOS X clients while AFP performance is good
PROBLEM: Slow SMB performance with MacOS X clients while AFP performance is good EXAMPLE: With MacOS X clients (OS version 10.12.6) there is a significant speed differences between AFP and SMB. With AFP up to 780MB/s, while over SMB only up to 80 MB/s (which is roughly as...
rating 07 Sep, 2017 Views: 1012
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