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document How can I set quota limits for users in the GUI?
Setting quotas on user accounts in the GUI Create your users and give them access to the shares in which they will have a quota. Click on a user link and scroll down to Function: Quota  0;  Now enter the amount in MB of the quota limit in the Quota definition...
rating 05 Sep, 2008 Views: 3286
document Will my Logical Volumes still be usable when I convert my NAS IDE DOM to iSCSI?
No.  After conversion the NAS LVs will continue to use space in your unit(s).  However, you won't be able to see them in the GUI, or in the Console, if you attempt to delete them. Here the steps you need to take: Back up the data on your NAS volumes first, if there is data you want...
Not rated 01 Oct, 2008 Views: 3557
document Why can't I have two or more NICs on the same network?
This will probably cause name duplication in your network.  The consequence is that you will have difficulty accessing resources using protocols such as SMB, or when you attempt to connect using a Windows AD domain.
rating 03 Oct, 2008 Views: 1866
document How to download the ACL configuration?
In order to save your ACL configuration you need to export UIDs and GIDs. Please follow the steps: 1. Connect to your Open-E WebGUI. 2. Go to Configuration->NAS Resources->Users->UID Mappings. click download and save your "Users" database. 3. Repeate the previouse step with...
Not rated 04 Feb, 2009 Views: 1790
document How to migrate Windows file server data to DSS or NAS-R3 servers?
To migrate the data from Windows file server data to DSS or NAS-R3 servers, try to those options: robocopy "e:\folder" "z:\folder" /COPY TASO /E xcopy "e:\folder" "z:\folder" /O /E But, please note that Open-E product use POSIX ACLs only, so some permissions in the Windows will not be...
Not rated 09 Feb, 2009 Views: 2972
document How can I make a backup for the UID's and GID's with ACL's permissions?
The ACLs are connected to user list UIDs/GIDs wich are stored on the module, external LDAP or NIS server (depends on chosen authentication method). This list your able to export and import into new module. (Configuration->NA S resources->Users->UID Maping) (Configuration->NA S...
rating 09 Feb, 2009 Views: 2908
document How to Configure Dell Server (2850) BIOS to boot from USB?
Enter System Setup during server startup In the Integrated Devices menu, select “USB Controller” and set to “On with BIOS Support“ On the “Select Hard Disk Sequence” menu option, move the USB Flash drive to the top of the list If you have...
rating 12 Feb, 2009 Views: 26476
document Default Volume Group
Symptom: Receive the following error message ERROR: No system volume found! System services can't work without system volume ! Problem: This can be caused by a few different issues. 1) Adding new drives to expand your RAID Array 2) Adding new volume group 3) Recently ran...
rating 01 Jun, 2009 Views: 8792
document Antivirus
Antivirus, you can enable the Antivirus option under Configuration -> NAS settings While there, you are able to select a share to send infected files to, with the option "Use quarantine" Under  "maintenance -> antivirus" you can select single shares or enable the...
Not rated 23 Feb, 2009 Views: 2763
document Configuration settings
Symptom: My DOM failed and I am booting from the Demo CD , I cannot see my users and groups Problem: The Demo CD needs to know what the configuration settings are Solution: Go to maintenance -> Miscellanous -> Restore settings check setups and...
rating 24 Feb, 2009 Views: 4377
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