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document Internet Explorer generates a .php file while downloading log files
Symptom: Internet Explorer generates a .php file when downloading log files. Problem: This is a known problem with IE browser - generating logs takes some time and probably IE does not respond to file name change. Other browsers like Firefox or Safari work fine. ...
rating 18 Sep, 2008 Views: 2360
document Firefox Security Issue
Symptom: Problem:    I cannot log in to the GUI using Firefox.  I'm getting a security error. Solution: Additional information: Open-E software impacted: Ticket number: To resolve this, click on “give...
rating 02 Sep, 2008 Views: 2231
document I've lost my ACL configuration after installing an update.
In older DSS versions, the problem of losing the ACL configuration after an update can occur. The solution is to save your ACL configuration. To do this, you will need to export UIDs and GIDs and then import them after you do the update.  Here are the instuctions on how to do...
Not rated 24 Oct, 2008 Views: 2430
document WARNING: Low space!
SOLVED: This issue no longer exists if using the latest version of DSSV6. CORRECTED in version: V6(build5087) ow-do-I-perform-a-Software-Upd ate_44.html Symptom: The following message appears "system warning : Low space! (<2 MB). Please contact Technical...
rating 04 May, 2011 Views: 4562
document S.M.A.R.T. Message ioctl32(smartctl:19152)
Symptom: I am receiving these messages ioctl32(smartctl:19152): Unknown cmd fd(3) cmd(0000030d){t:03 Solution: S.M.A.R.T. may be enabled in the console or on your RAID controller Check the console CTRL-ALT-W -> Functionality option to see if...
Not rated 24 Feb, 2009 Views: 2866
document Snapshot
Symptom: If I creates a NAS volume and then a snap shot.  Then activate the snap shot.  Now copy files to the volume and the snap shot percent usage number goes up.  This seems to be wrong or is the snap shot capturing all changes plus and minus?  It...
Not rated 25 Feb, 2009 Views: 3539
document 64 bit mode
Question: I see mention of running DSS in 64 bit mode. I followed the directions but then my volumes no longer show so I reverted back. I saw no mention of breaking what was already there etc. Is there a benefit in running in 64bit mode?  Is how much etc? Answer: We...
rating 25 Feb, 2009 Views: 3284
document How can I fix "Check_segment_length(1587) data too long" error message?
Symptom: Recieving "Check_segment_length(1587) data too long 0 786433 819" error message Problem: System need to be configured to accept large data segments. Solution: 1. From the console, press CTRL+ALT+W, 2. Select Tuning options -> iSCSI daemon options -> Target options, 3....
Not rated 03 Mar, 2009 Views: 5615
document Operation not permitted when mounting NFS share under MAC OS X
It turns out the the MAC OS X default is to assume the nfs'ing will take place on an "insecure" port, i.e. >1024. The suggested solution is to add "insecure" to the export options. To do that please check "Insecure" option via webGUI -> Configuration -> NAS resources -> [share name]...
Not rated 15 Jul, 2009 Views: 6892
document How can I rename the Ethernets after the update?
Problem: After updating my system, the Ethernets name get changed, how can I rename them? Solution: The NICs can be reset by disabling them in the BIOS, but Open-E remembered them when the server turned back on.  And you can reset them from the extended console (C-A-X) and...
rating 29 Jul, 2009 Views: 2770
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