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What do I need to know about Open-E SNMP?
Problem: I need to know more about SNMP in Open-E, can you provide me some information. Solution: The SNMP feature built into the Open-E software will provide standard SNMP system status information for CPU usage, system load, memory information, Ethernet traffic and running processes. SNMP...
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Differences between SNMP ver. 2 and ver. 3
Problem: Do I have to use snmp ver. 3 or can I get the same results from using ver. 2? Solution: SNMPv3 was designed to address the weak V1/V2 security. SNMPv3 is based on SNMPv2 (same packet types, it also uses SMIv2, etc.), but the main difference is that it is a lot more secure. It does not...
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How to use MIB browser and DSS
Please see attached doc on how to set up MIB broswer(free) and get SNMP info from DSS6
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What is exactly the counter "accesses/s"
What is exactly the counter “accesses/s” ? Answer: The 1 accesses/s = 1 access per second. Each access is an IO to disk and size of IO depends on block size of backend device (in most cases it is 512b or 4kb for newer devices).
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Using PRTG to monitor Open-E DSS V6/V7
All plugins we’ve tested are SMTP based so first thing to do is set SMTP setting on DSS and PRTG DSS: Setup-> Administrator settings-> SNMP settings Thick Use SNMP and chose Use SNMP v3 Now go to PRTG, chose your device Uncheck Inherit Credentials for SNMP Devices  and fill them so...
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