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[JDSS] iSCSI target LUN unmonitored by multipath daemon on Linux client

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Last updated: 13 Jun, 2023

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  • product name: Open-E JovianDSS


iSCSI LUN device is not listed under the 'multipathd show paths' and multipath monitoring cannot be enabled for connected iSCSI LUN device.


'multipathd show paths' does not show the output for the connected iSCSI LUN device.
'multipathd show devices' lists the iSCSI LUN device as monitored which is not true:

    sdq  devnode whitelisted, monitored

When trying to enable monitoring manually a following error occurs:

$ sudo multipathd add path sdq


After running multipath with verbose 10 it shows that the device lacks udev rule:

multipath -v 10

2938.009606 | sdq: blacklisted, udev property missing


Multipath has a default rule to block all devices, which lack "SCSI_IDENT_" and "ID_WWN" option in udev (

The default blacklist exception is: (SCSI_IDENT_|ID_WWN), causing well-behaved SCSI devices and devices that provide a WWN (World Wide Number) to be included, and all others to be excluded.

Add the following to /etc/multipath.conf:

blacklist_exceptions {

        property "(SCSI_IDENT_|ID_WWN|ID_SERIAL)"


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Article ID: 3451
Last updated: 13 Jun, 2023
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Posted: 13 Jun, 2023 by Litwinowicz R.
Updated: 13 Jun, 2023 by Litwinowicz R.
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