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How to reinstall DSS V6?

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Last updated: 21 May, 2010

In order to reinstall DSS V6 and keep all your settings (including the ones stored on the installation medium) and small updates, please perform the following:

-mount the installation medium on a desktop system,
-copy the following files from the /b[build_number] directory into a safe location on the desktop machine:
-format the installation medium with FAT16 or FAT32,
-download a ZIP file with the appropriate DSS V6 release from the Open-E webpage,
-copy the contents of the ZIP package onto the installation medium,
-copy the prod.key, activation.xml and changes.img files into the /b[build_number folder on the installation medium,
-run bootinst.exe (Windows) or (Linux) from the /boot folder.
-boot your server from this installation medium to complete the process.

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Article ID: 952
Last updated: 21 May, 2010
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