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[DSS V7][JDSS] SSH Problem under Linux with checkmk 2.2 and Open-E JovianDSS or DSS V7

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Last updated: 03 Jul, 2023


Using Linux with checkmk 2.2: when checking with ssh (port 22222 and 22223) from Open-e DSS V7 and  Open-E JovianDSS (version up29) the following message appears:
Unable to negotiate with port 22223: no matching host key type found. Their offer: ssh-rsa,ssh-dss

Note: This problem was encountered using AlmaLinux 9.2  but can also show in other Linux distributions.


update-crypto-policies --set DEFAULT:SHA1

Afterwards a reboot is necessary

Then the following message appears: 
Bad server host key: Invalid key length

This can be fixed with the option RequiredRSASize=1024

Open-E DSS V7

ssh -oRequiredRSASize=1024 -i /omd/$HOSTNAME$.key -p 22223 -l api $HOSTADDRESS$ check_mk_agent

Open-E JovianDSS

ssh -oRequiredRSASize=1024 -i /omd/$HOSTNAME$.key -p 22223 -l cli $HOSTADDRESS$ check_mk_agent

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Article ID: 3471
Last updated: 03 Jul, 2023
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Posted: 30 Jun, 2023 by Bocian F.
Updated: 03 Jul, 2023 by Bocian F.
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