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[DSS V7]How can I control the reboot order of clustered DSS V7 Systems ?

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Last updated: 05 May, 2020

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How can I control the reboot order of clustered DSS V7 systems?


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  1. What if there is a resume from power failure where we cannot control the order that the two open-e machines reboot?
    If a source node is rebooted, and it can find its destination, replication will resume. This can be verified in the webGUI at STATUS-->TASKS. 
    If the destination node is rebooted alone, replication will resume when it is back online.
    If for some reason both machines are rebooted together (not recommended) the volumes will be marked as destination on each side in order to protect data integrity due to possible split-brain scenario between nodes.
    In a failover configuration, if the source node is rebooted before the destination, this will cause a failover event and will require human intervention to move resources back to the original source node. 

  1. How can we make sure replication will resume soon after both sans are booted at the same time? 
    Due to the way replication works, it is not advised to shutdown or reboot both systems at the same time.
    In order to properly set the timing of the shutdown we recommend a proper UPS system so the systems can be shutdown in proper order to preserve data integrity.
    Various APC models can be purchased to react to proper schedule shutdown and restart procedures. 
    We will never recommend a auto-restart or auto-reboot without the protection and proper UPS procedure in place to preserve data integrity.

  1. Is there at least a way for the open-e to email us that replication has stopped? 
    Email are also sent when the replication is interrupted, as well as the various steps until synchronization.

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Article ID: 2543
Last updated: 05 May, 2020
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