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[DSS V7] I/O Errors failover policy options

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Last updated: 06 Apr, 2020

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I/O Errors failover policy options


In this section, you can choose how the system reacts when I/O errors are detected.
There are three modes available:

Ignore I/O errors
    Using this mode, DSS V7 will ignore any I/O errors; as a result, no action will be
taken when such errors are detected.

Trigger failover on I/O errors (any volumes)
    If I/O errors are detected on any of the hard drives or bootable medium, the failover
will be triggered and will automatically move the resources to the remote note to
ensure data availability and safety.

Trigger failover on I/O errors (only volumes configured in failover)
    Resources will be moved to the remote node when I/O errors will be detected on
hard drives; where logical volumes that are included in failover configuration are
located. If I/O errors appear on other hard drives or on the bootable medium, the
failover won't be automatically triggered.


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Article ID: 2283
Last updated: 06 Apr, 2020
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