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[DSS V7] Can I use additional apps, extensions or tools on the DSS V7?

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Last updated: 05 May, 2020

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Can I use additional apps, extensions or tools on the DSS V7?


DSS is a closed operating system, meaning that by default it's not possible to install a 3rd part tool, extensions or apps onto the DSS.

Many 3rd part tools or apps requires additional hardware, on which it can be installed.

The solution for such a scenario would be a virtualization platform.

It is possible to have a VMWARE ESXi, DSS and another 3rd party applications on the boot disk using a free installation of VMWARE ESX. If you would like the RAID CONTROLLER to be exclusively used by DSS, you'll need to have it configured as pass-through in the VMWARE ESXi.

The LUN's in the VMWARE ESXi can also be served as RAW disks and used by DSS, such a solution provides the best performance available.

The virtual environment use case scenario enables you to have the required 3rd party tools or extensions installed alongside the DSS and other operating systems, which will allow you to manage and monitor additional functions related to the storage software.

Please review our webinar on the subject matter:

OPEN-E DSS v7 as a virtual machine best practices :

It includes :

1. Installation and configuration of Open-E DSS V7 as a Virtual Machine

2. Para-virtual SCSI and VMXNET3 drivers

3. Configuration of a RAID Controller as PCI DirectPath Device vs. RAW Device Mapping

4. Host Cache Configuration

5. Starting the VM and simple test setup with iSCSI Target and Public NAS share


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Article ID: 2641
Last updated: 05 May, 2020
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Posted: 23 Apr, 2015 by Berger A.
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