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Data replication
Tuning recommendations for volume replication over 1GbE
1) Jumbo frames in general does not significantly improve performance with 1Gb NIC and it is recommended to use default 1500 MTU.  But, if your particular application require jumbo frames please use MTU 9000 for both nodes as well as for initiator system. Please note that if there are...
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Replication to branch offices
I would like to have a NAS-Server at each of my remote office for local access. I want to be able to perform backups at my main off or headquarters. Is it possible to do this? We can provide the replication for each of the remote offices to the HQ with our Data Replication function...
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Is the destination volume available during replication?
Data replication: In data replication, the destination share is available all the time - however, it should be used only for backup purposes because if you change some files, they will be replaced during the next synchronization. Volume replication: In volume replication, the volume will...
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