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What’s the best VMalloc size?
Generally, increasing VMALLOC size will decrease the virtual memory allocation available for other processes, so it may have negative consequences. It is generally best to try 256MB first, followed by 384MB. Note, that changing the VMALLOC size does require a reboot. Please note the above is only...
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How do I connect to the console remotely?
For Windows clients: Enable the Remote access function in the GUI: SETUP -> Administrator -> Remote console access to access the console via SSH. 1. To connect the server from Microsoft Windows, download the free SSH client (Putty): • in the Host Name (or IP...
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private How do I connect to the console remotely?
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How can I set the power management features off?
 Problem: I have an issue with booting and I need to set the power management d=features off. How can I do that from Open-E side. I did that on the motherboard already. Solution: Power management feature can be tuned On/Off from the system console (CRTL+ ALT+T ->Boot Option-> Boot...
rating 01 Jun, 2009 Views: 3897
How can I change between 32bit mode to 64 bit mode, or vice verse?
Problem: I was running trial release in 32 bit mode and now after update with actual release, I receive message "not supported 64 bit mode". How can I switch back to 32 bit mode? Solution: There is 2 ways to change the system to 32bit mode. 1) During the boot process and after POST enter the...
rating 06 Nov, 2009 Views: 4634

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