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Active Directory Services (ADS)
Problems connecting to Windows Active Directory
  Please try the following when experiencing issues connecting to your Active Directory Server   Check that you have set the proper time on both the ADS server and the Open-E server, Time difference can be no greater than 5 minutes. SETUP -> hardware -> Function: Set time. From...
rating 12 Feb, 2009 Views: 5885
How to sync my ADS with Open-E?
Problem: Can you guide me what we need to do to sync my ADS to the Open-E box? Are there any recommendations?   Solution: There are no special settings you need to do. You need to sync with the ADS using Open-E GUI (Configuration->NAS resources) and chose the ADS option. Then, enter...
rating 26 May, 2009 Views: 4447
DSSV6 and roaming profiles, Windows 2008 R2
For assistance in setting up DSSV6 and Windows2008R2 roaming profiles, please see the following artice (attached)
rating 15 Apr, 2011 Views: 2090

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