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How to enable FTP access? How to order ACL permission ?
What are the steps to enable FTP ? Under the CONFIGURATION -> NAS SETTINGS -> USE FTP,  You need to enable in general the FTP Service. Then, You need to enable FTP access for the NFS share - choose Your share name, and enable the FTP :...
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JovianDSS: Node reboot loop when removing ping node and ring access from a single node.
This is by design and is used as a node isolation mechanism. When the node has no access to second node (ring) and ping nodes it will reboot in loop until the ring returns. We have to use reboot mechanism because our kernel does not support shutdown. Attempt to join the node to the cluster is...
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JovianDSS: RESTapi - HowTo
1. Un-pack JovianDSS API REST  (in the attachment of this article) 2. Make sure you have installed "requests" Python library      $ pip install requests 3. Read documentation      ClientREST/jovianapi_docs/build/html/jovianapi.html 4. Read...
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JovianDSS capabilities - maximum users/groups, opened file handles, filename length
Maximum user/group count: JovianDSS supports up to 1000000 users and 1000000 groups from one domain, but it is required to have a very strong server machine that can handle it. We tested in our lab 100000 objects from all trusted domains (users + groups) and it worked without problems. Maximum...
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"Meltdown" and "Spectre" vulnerabilities in Open-E systems
Open-E Data Storage Software is a closed environment, none of the DSS family products is vulnerable to attacks using Meltdown and Spectre exploits. During the whole contact with our product , from the installation process to day-to-day work, users are incapable of running unauthorized processes of...
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