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Is the DSS V6 certified with VMware ESX?
Problem: Is the DSS V6 certified with VMware ESX 4.0, vSphere, clustering, Vmotion and Snapshots? Is the DSS V7 certified with VMware  ESX 5.0, ESX 5.1? Solution: Yes, DSS V6 was certified by VMware in February 2010 with the Intel SR2612UR server. Yes, DSS V7 was certified by...
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How to reinstall DSS V6?
In order to reinstall DSS V6 and keep all your settings (including the ones stored on the installation medium) and small updates, please perform the following: -mount the installation medium on a desktop system, -copy the following files from the /b[build_number] directory into a safe location on...
rating 21 May, 2010 Views: 3316
USB Keyboard does not function during install, on certain motherboards.
Solution: In the boot menu you have to delete the "nousb2" option of the "install" entry. To achieve this, you have to select "install" press TAB navigate to "nousb2" and remove it. Press ENTER and the installer comes up. The other menu entries will work, no edit needed.
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How to configure infiniband on AIX
Please see attached article.
rating 27 Apr, 2011 Views: 1724
How to use MIB browser and DSS
Please see attached doc on how to set up MIB broswer(free) and get SNMP info from DSS6
rating 09 Nov, 2011 Views: 4071
Using SSD drives with MaxCache in failover configuration
Will a failover event on DSS V6 cause data loss when using SSD drives for data caching? Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 ...
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MAC OS and SMB shares with DSS V6 and Active Directory authentication
First your MAC has to be joined to a Windows domain. A lot of step-by-step tutorials can be found on internet, just like this one: Note it may differ depending on your system version. Make sure...
rating 03 Mar, 2014 Views: 3219
DSS V6 DSS V7 Blank webGUI
Problem description: No access to the DSS V6 webGUI, page is blank, DSS V6 Console screen works.   Solution: Restart Apache server inside the DSS V6 console screen:   1) Enter console tools (CTRL + ALT + T) 2) Select Addons 3)...
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Dual booting system with DSS V6 with Grub boot loader
In order to dual boot DSS V6 and another linux distro using Grub boot loader, you will need to create a menu.1st file for Grub, and specify the DSS V6 partition. This allows Grub to display DSS V6 as a boot choice, and allows DSS V6 to boot using its on boot loader from the install partition. Add...
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How to setup email notification using Megaraid Storage Manager
Install and start Megaraid Storage Manager, enter your server IP and log in using user and password set in SETUP -> H/W RAID (default are user:raid, password: raid). Then follow instructions described in LSI knowledge base: Information about...
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