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JovianDSS capabilities - maximum users/groups, opened file handles, filename length

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Last updated: 29 May, 2017

Maximum user/group count:

JovianDSS supports up to 1000000 users and 1000000 groups from one domain, but it is required to have a very strong server machine that can handle it. We tested in our lab 100000 objects from all trusted domains (users + groups) and it worked without problems.

Maximum opened file handle count:

Maximum number of open file handles is limited to 400896.

Maximum length of a file name:

Maximum length of file name is limited to 240 characters (filename + extension)

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Article ID: 2881
Last updated: 29 May, 2017
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Posted: 29 May, 2017 by Kowalski .
Updated: 29 May, 2017 by Kula T.
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