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After update to DSS 5.0up62 or DSS V6 I'm not able to access over from all subnetworks.

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Last updated: 11 Aug, 2009


After updating to DSS 5.0up62 or DSS V6 there be found problems with accessing the GUI and SMB from all subnetwors.


In earlier version the DSS was having a internal routing that was able to route information between NICs. The problem is that in case of wrong configured network where answers that should go over NIC1 subnet goes to NIC2 was working earlier and now it stop to work. In some cases it is also related to the routing table.


Solution need to be made on your network environment. Please try to configure it so all answers will go over right router or without it and to right subnet.

Additional information:

Our company have removed internal routing because it was stated as bug. Customers whare having problems to say if NIC cable is still active or not because the NIC has responsed to ping even without cable inserted. This was because answer was send over the second NIC.

Open-E software impacted:

Up from DSS 5.0up62 the internal routing is disabled.

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Article ID: 662
Last updated: 11 Aug, 2009
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