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document What is the maximum number of snapshots?
DSS up from version up49: The total number of snapshots is dependent on the LVM, but 255 is a safe number. There are, however, definite limitations as to the number of ACTIVE snapshots: 32bit and 64bit system: - 10 per LV - 20 per system DSS up to version up48: Version up to...
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document How do I overwrite a file on a network share with the snapshot version?
Symptom: Problem:  I have a file in a snapshot that I want to copy back to the NAS share, i.e., I want to overwrite the Windows version of the file with the snapshot version.  Question:  Should I update the file (block) content or can...
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document What size should I make my snapshots?
For snapshot size, they generally should be about 3 times the size of the changes (differences). As an example, if you had 50GB in changes during the selected time period, your snapshot for that time period should be about 150GB. From another perspective, they should be about 10 to 15...
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document How do snapshots work when using replication?
The snapshot function enables the system administrator to freeze the data content of the volume at a certain time. From this moment on, the users work on a virtual data volume and all changes to the volume are stored in a different partition.   We have two kinds...
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document How do I create snapshots and use them?
Creating and using Snapshots in Open-E A snapshot is used to freeze the data contents of a volume at a certain time. This is useful in the case of a backup, because if a user has made changes to their data during a backup, those changes may not have been backed up. A snapshot is created and...
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document How do snapshots work with a running backup task?
1. In a backup scenario, the snapshot is used to allow normal I/O operation on the share. 2. At the start of the snapshot, there are metadata pointers created on it that mark the original data.     No actual data is being copied. 3. When the backup starts, it uses that...
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document How can access my iSCSI target snapshot?
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document Snapshot
Symptom: If I creates a NAS volume and then a snap shot.  Then activate the snap shot.  Now copy files to the volume and the snap shot percent usage number goes up.  This seems to be wrong or is the snap shot capturing all changes plus and minus?  It...
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document What happens when you add volume replication option to NAS Logical Volume that is already used by local backup?
Generally adding the “volume replication” option in DSS WebGUI -> CONFIGURATION -> volume manager -> vol. groups -> vgxx -> volume manager -> action: modify lvxxxx ->  “Use volume replication” causes a change of the LV UUID (logical volume identification info)....
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